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Site Last Update: 21 Sep, 2018

2004 African Proverbs of the Month

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1 Jan. 2004 Proverb: "The thorn in your foot is temporarily appeased, but it is still in." - Longo (Tanzania) 5330
2 Feb. 2004 Proverb: "An empty stomach can make a person lose his or her cattle; that is, when the stomach is empty the legs become weak and you can't run after your animals." - Toposa (Sudan) 11726
3 Mar. 2004 Proverb: "Cannot Ngorulahi be satisfied and Ngarambangandu miss the chance?" - Mpoto (Malawi, Tanzania) 4549
4 Apr. 2004 Proverb: "If you refuse the advice of an elder you will walk until sunset." - Kuria (Kenya, Tanzania) 7787
5 May, 2004 Proverb: "After hardship comes relief." - Arabic (Egypt and other North African countries) 7600
6 Jun. 2004 Proverb: "Hot water does not burn down the house." - Swahili (Eastern and Central Africa) 11123
7 Jul. 2004 Proverb: "The person who tends to ingratiate himself to his father without involving others never inherits the father’s property." - Gusii (Kenya) 6181
8 Aug. 2004 Proverb: "The eyes of the wise person see through you." - Haya (Tanzania) 7928
9 Sep. 2004 Proverb: "If God breaks your leg, He will teach you how to limp." - Dagbani (Ghana) 11060
10 Oct. 2004 Proverb: "One who relates with a corrupt person likewise gets corrupted." - Gikuyu (Kenya) Proverb 8984
11 Nov. 2004 Proverb: "It's better to give than to receive." - Malagasy (Madagascar) 7816
12 Dec. 2004 Proverb: "A boisterous horse needs a boisterous bridle." - Hausa (Nigeria) 7296

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