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Site Last Update: 19 Nov, 2019

2019 African Proverb of the Month

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1 November, 2019 Too many fishing baskets in the water cannot prevent you from dipping yours. Toro (Uganda) Proverb 166
2 October 2019, Even an elephant, that is, an important person, can be sent. Sukuma (Tanzania) Proverb 555
3 September 2019, It is the master (king) who minds about his or her slave. Haya (Tanzania) Proverb 811
4 August, 2019, It doesn't matter how tall your grandfather was. Medumba (Cameroon) Proverb 949
5 July 2019, The case of good persons must be judged in a similar way as that of bad ones. Gikuyu (Kenya) Proverb 995
6 June 2019, An elephant is not overwhelmed by its trunk. Sukuma (Tanzania) Proverb 1167
7 May, 2019 The brotherhood/sisterhood of ducks is known inside the sack. Gweno (Tanzania) Proverb 735
8 April, 2019 Where a tooth is removed there remains a gap. Soga (Uganda) Proverb 921
9 March 2019, If you cannot run fast, then you must learn how to hide. Ewe (SE Ghana, Southern Togo, Benin and SW Nigeria) Proverb 1079
10 February 2019, The medicine for a rising river is to go back. Sukuma (Tanzania) Proverb 1008
11 January 2019, The bad things you do to others may later be done to you too. Kipsigis (Kenya) Proverb 1039

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